Starting a podcast - an idiots guide

To be perfectly frank – this post has taken far too long to see the light of day. It was always my idea to write a supplementary post for each of the episodes as I appreciate some of the things that we talk about on the podcast can be a bit specific and if you do not know what it is we are talking about then you will probably either have to Google it, or just imagine.

Finding time to do these things amongst the million other things we do in our lives always means this got pushed back and the more episodes we did the more daunting the task seemed to be – but anyway, less of the excuses and on with the blog.

For this first post I am going to talk about the reason we did the podcast and a little bit more about how we setup and record things, for no other reason than to have a permanent record.

Mike and I decided a couple of years ago that podcasting would be a fun thing to do. We are both avid podcast fans and we share a load of common interests. We are both pretty geeky and love films, gaming and all things retro. We are both founders of a clothing company called Player Clothing who make amazing quality (biased but true) retro game inspired t-shirts (you might of noticed the adverts if you have listened in before) and also another company called RetroShell which makes game protectors for older video games. We also both live in Barcelona which is a happy coincidence as we also went to secondary school together and have been good friends since!

After a few chats we decided that the time for talking was over and to leap right in to the process, so we ordered the equipment to make it sound half decent and we started to figure out how to record in the best way with what we had. I ordered a Yeti Blue microphone and stand, after hearing a lot of positive things about its capabilities – and Mike ordered a Marantz MPM. We decided that our subject matter for discussion would be Nostalgia and growing up (as we had similar upbringings) and NostalgiaTron was born (the .com was available and all other names were taken).

After a few brainstorming discussions on what we might want to cover in each episode – we setup on my kitchen table with our new equipment and then proceeded to record the hidden episode – episode 0000 – subject – Saturday Morning TV. This is the hidden podcast which might well never get aired, but it was a beta for us to see how it flowed and sounded.

We recorded the inputs on Garageband and Mike took charge of the technical side of things (being a Mac geek well beyond me) and we started recording.

The conversation flowed and we had our notes that were there as a support to be able to help steer our memories – and before long we were both laughing and going down some crazy irrelevant rabbit holes as we chatted. It was a lot of fun and felt very natural and for me it was good to relive some very happy times in my life and also find out more about Mike and his similar (but different) experiences. It really did not feel like we were recording a podcast, it was more a discussion between friends – which is shared with the world.

After the podcast, Mike took charge of the editing duties (things were said that could not be published – maybe they will one day) and we then shared with some friends to get some feedback. Thankfully the group of friends we have all went to school together and also could relate to the subject matter and we were both happy to get positive feedback.

Now, we are not crazy busy people but we both have pretty active lives so we wanted to get a few in the bank before we went ahead and launched. We recorded 4 before we were ready to unleash NostalgiaTron on the world, so we set about discussing what we wanted as a subject each week.

In parallel I set about getting a website built (I used fiverr for this) and then setting up a Twitter account. Once the podcasts were recorded we decided to use both the website and to host our podcasts and we decided on a launch schedule of one per week when we could. We also then had to setup the release and syndication of the podcast on all of the major platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc).

So, there you have the birth of NostalgiaTron. One of the other main reasons for doing this was that we figured that these podcasts, if distributed far and wide would far outlive us and also – as a father to a daughter I hoped that one day my daughter would know me in a different light if she was to discover them.

The website you are likely reading this on now is the second version of the website – the original sadly died when I updated a WordPress plugin and fucked everything up. It took me more time than I care to admit to make the new website, and it is pretty basic – but learning WordPress and getting it working is up there with one of my proudest achievements.

So there we have the first blog post ready. Watch this space for more updates as I go back through the episodes and add some visual cues to the episodes.